How to Calculate the REAL Cost of Payday Loans wiht high APR.

$100 – $1,000 Payday Loans Online are often avoided because of hight interest and APR. But if you get into details, you find out they are not so expensive as it may seem. Short-term cash advance is due with your next paycheck, which means not later than 31 days usually. Even with the APR of 400% the total cost of the loan borrowed for a month won’t be more than $33. It’s only about $1 a day! Let’s prove this fact and count together. APR, MPR, interest and other financial charges definitions.

Though 12 million Americans regularly take easy, fast and convenient Payday Loans Online, these loans are still notorious for too high interest and APR. Annual percentage rate or “APR” is a percentage representation of the actual yearly cost of funds over the term of a loan. In the U.S., the calculation and disclosure of APR is governed by the Truth in Lending Act (implemented by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau1 (CFPB) in Regulation Z of the Act2).

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