How Does This Work?

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Learn: Watch Lessons and Practice Online

Students will receive:

  • UNLIMITED access to HUNDREDS of detailed skill-specific algebra lessons that meet your stateís educational standards.
    • Students view the lessons at their own pace. No rushing or waiting for other students in the class.
    • Conceptual lessons are taught using our own A+ Algebra Tablet ? Our A+ Algebra Tablet brings traditional algebra manipulatives and algebra understanding into the 21st Century.
  • UNLIMITED access to THOUSANDS of practice problems in our problem bank.
    • Problems in the problem bank have been highly scrutinized to fit the standards associated with each lesson.
    • Each lessonís problem bank offers a combination of easy and difficult problems, ranging from level one to level four degrees of complexity.
  • UNLIMITED access to lesson specific quizzes, mid-chapter reviews and tests.
    • Our quizzes, mid-chapter reviews and tests generate randomly from our problem banks. You never take the same test twice!
    • No more waiting for tests to be graded! Scores are available immediately after the student completes the assessment.
  • TONS of practical, helpful hints will guide your through future math courses.
  • UNLIMITED access to a compressive glossary of terms, formulas and famous mathematicians.
  • UNLIMITED access to all student activity recorded into our activity logs. You can view past lesson history, mastery, and addressed standards even after your subscription expires.
  • THE TRUTH! After years of experience, Ms. Torres will tell you what concepts are truly relevant to your journey through mathematics. You will learn the BIG PICTURE, not just a list of steps to memorize to solve a random problem.

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Confirm: Document your progress

  • Email confirmations. Every time your student logs off, an email confirmation is sent to the subscriberís email on file. (i.e. work email, home email, personal email, etc.) The email has information about your studentís latest session activity on the program. This information is invaluable for viewing student progress and effort, especially at parent/teacher conference time.
  • Student Activity is recorded forever. Even after our services are no longer required, subscribers and students will have access to student records.

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Excel: Watch your grades soar!

  • Effort pays off in good grades. The more your practice, the better you get. Itís true for everything! The benefit of is that our research-based instructional methodologies make the most of every minute you spend in Ms. Torres classroom.

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