Graph of Linear Inequality

Distributive Property Presentation

Connecting Concepts

?Grid lines can be easily added or removed from the tablet with a click of a button.

?Use the ruler to aid in connecting points or separating the two sides of equations.

?Multi-selection tools allows you to group tiles together. Allows the user to group zero pairs, combine like terms and remove tiles from the tablet all at once.

?Donít want to erase all your work before you continue? Save time but simply scrolling our tablet bar. Unlimited pages too!

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Bring your algebra instruction to the 21st Century!

The A+ Algebra Tablet ?2007

Finally! Algebra manipulatives created for use on desktops, laptops, tablet PCs and interactive white boards. The A+ Algebra Tablet ?works exactly like traditional algebra tiles ?all with the click of a button. With additional powerful features including multi-selection dragging of tiles, optional grid lines, flipping inequality signs and a variety of writing and highlight tools to enhance your lessons, The A+ Algebra Tablet ?transitions the powerful conceptual teaching tool into our computer world.

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The A+ Algebra Tablet ?takes conceptual math methodologies into the 21st century!

Designed for use on a desktop, laptop or tablet PC. Our technology works great on interactive white boards too!
As easy to use as real algebra tiles. No training required ?just click and drag tiles to the board!
Unlimited tiles that never get lost or broken. Never replace your lost manipulatives again!
Write or draw using fine-tip, medium tip, wide-tip, highlighter and airbrush writing tools to create your desired effect in EIGHT different colors for amazing lectures. Erasing those mistakes is quick and easy too.
Outstanding for student learning in and out of the classroom!
No other programs required. Just load and go!
Our product has been professionally tested by an independent 3rd party company on PC/Mac. It even works with Microsoft Vista!