Tiles, Symbols & Pointers
Writing Tools, Ruler, Grid
Helpful Hints


Using the tiles, symbols and pointers:

  • Drag tiles or symbols onto canvas.
  • Double click to spin.
  • Click on the corner of the green tile to change horizontal to vertical.
  • Press <ctrl> to group tiles OR click Multi-Selection buttonthen drag mouse over objects holding down the left button on mouse.
  • Drag tiles to recycle bin to remove from tablet.
  • The tiles will travel with the paper.
  • The pointers do not spin.

Using the writing tools, ruler and grid paper

  • Click the pencil cup Pencil cup icon and select writing tool.
  • Click on color squares to select writing color. (Helpful Hint: If you are just using the algebra tiles, select the tool to write in white to avoid any lines).
  • Click on ruler, holding down left mouse button to spin. (Ruler will not travel with the paper like the tiles and writing.)
  • Click on Grid On/Off button to show / remove grid lines.
  • Click on  Add Pages to add pages to the tablet.
  • Slide right bar down to scroll down.

Helpful Hints

  • To avoid streaks when dragging algebra tiles or scrolling, change writing tool color to white.
  • To erase quickly, use the paintbrush tool in white.
  • To quickly print on PCs, try this trick:
    • Press Alt + Print Screen 
    • Launch Paint or Word 
    • Paste or Press Control+V