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Interested in a workshop for your staff? Apple Pi, Inc. offers three-hour and five-hour workshops demonstrating the use of algebra manipulatives in the elementary, Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 classroom. All workshops are customized to address your site’s challenges and concerns and are aligned to state algebra standards.

Background? Skills?

Ms. Torres has for many years lectured, presented lesson design and implementation to elementary and secondary educators. Always an avid learner, she began to take further coursework and workshops to broaden her understanding of mathematical concepts while earning her teaching credentials from U.C. Riverside’s School of Education. In her first year of teaching, Ms. Torres was introduced to conceptual learning techniques and immediately became a fan. She enrolled in every workshop and every academy she could find that would teach her more about how students create an abstract understanding using concrete manipulatives. Her training and dedication was immediately recognized when, in her third year of teaching, was asked by the Deputy Superintendent of Instructional Services, to address the Riverside Unified School District Board of Education on the benefits of “Algebra for All. Since her presentation to the Board, she has presented conceptual methodologies to both beginning and veteran teachers as well as various groups and organizations. As an advocate of conceptual teaching for nearly a decade, her workshops focus on modeling the use of algebra tiles with the A+ Algebra Tablet and common sense to understand the BIG IDEA in algebra.

What can I expect?

After spending years in the classroom herself, Ms. Torres understands the demands teachers face in adapting to new techniques, new technology and addressing the changing face of education in the 21st Century. She remembers when a day away from the classroom can sometimes be the last thing a teacher wants to handle! The workshops are designed to be relaxed while interactive and enlightening. Her workshops allow teachers, to view algebra in a way different from that which they might have used when they first learned algebra. Additionally, the use of the A+ Tablets, make implementing new methodologies interesting, fun, quick and EASY. Even the most computer-phobic teacher can expect to leave the workshop ready to start using what they have learned!

Who should attend these workshops?

Anyone unfamiliar with the use of algebra tiles or suffers from an algebra-phobia can benefit from these workshops! The material is best suited for teachers that teach algebraic concepts in grades 4-9. Teachers of Elementary Gifted Students, teachers of ELL students and Special Education teachers are highly recommended to attend. Administrative staff is welcome and encouraged to participate in the learning too!

(NOTE: It is important to consider that algebra tiles have been used in classrooms for over two decades. Teachers that have used algebra tiles in the past will already be familiar with the general concepts presented in Ms. Torres’ workshops. However, if you have been recently stripped from your overhead for an interactive whiteboard, you will love this class.)

Do I need any special equipment or technology?

A computer projector with necessary cables is the only required equipment at a site. For maximum interaction with the program, it is best for teachers to use their own laptop computers and tablet pc. However, a computer lab works just as well. The A+ Tablets have been successfully tested for use on Smart Boards © and Prometheus Boards ©. (The results are fabulous!)

How do I obtain more information?

If you care to learn more about conceptual learning or would like to discuss a possible workshop for you or your staff, please contact us. Workshops must be scheduled with one month anticipation. Reserve early for best availability.


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